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Eighty percent or more of new business gets generated by referrals. By definition, these opportunities originate out of a team’s greater professional network.

This only happens if the referring contact is enabled to connect a relevant opportunity with you and your business.

The driver for this to happen is the mindshare you enjoy among the people who know you. If it is high enough, then chances are you’ll hear about the opportunity.

Mindmavin focuses on helping professional service providers get more opportunities by increasing the overall mindshare in their network.
We accomplish this by changing the typical ad-hoc nature of your networking efforts to a structured, programmed approach based on best practices originating from the cutting-edge marketing field of Demand Generation.

Interested? We would be excited to hear your story. Simply call us at +1 (415) 691-4989. Or contact us by sending a message here.


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  • First we make our habits, then our habits make us.

    Charles C. Noble

  • What Drives Us?

    "While our clients earn more money through working with us, a core motivation for us is helping people to have more meaningful relationships. This brings pure satisfaction and leads to powerfully positive experiences and a more balanced, content life.”

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